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  • The genesis of the ARJUN FARMS PRIVATE LIMITED was laid by the visionary entreprenuers Late Sri Hargovind H Patel(kaka) and Shri Suresh Patel in 1994, foresaw the opportunity of the agriculture sector and the value of hybrid seeds in the Indian market. AFPL is a private limited Indian company.The company is actively involved in research, production, processing, packing, and marketing of high quality seeds of like Cotton, Cereals, Pulses, Oil seeds and Vegetables.

    The philosophy of the company emphasizes on the fact that the integrity of a company should manifest itself from a leadership that is honest, fair and transparent across all levels of its hierarchy, from directors to employees, who collectively share the same commitment and uncompromisingly works towards its fulfilment.

    We have a very strong product base with an excellent back up of contract farming chain in various region for seed production. The company has excellent processing & storage facilities for all type of seeds.Our Service network provides technical support to several thousand farmers which include a package of product awareness programs, crop demonstration and crop risk awareness programs enabling them to produce high quality seeds.

    GROUP COMPANY Swarnim Farms India Pvt Ltd.


    To be the best Quality Seed provider Brand in India.

  • Mission

    To develop the best & economical hybrids seeds to suit the farmer's needs.

  • Recognized as one of the TOP 3 cotton seed Producers in Gujarat.
  • 30 Years Experience in Seed Business
  • Emerging Multi Crop Seeds Group, Strong Seeds production chain.
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