Contract Production

Indian sun continent with its varied climatic zone and skill force is ideal location to produce high value pollinated vegetable,field crops and cash crop.Arjun farms Private limited located in Gujarat,North india was Founded by Mr. Hargovind Patel & Mr. Suresh Patel in 1994,Primarily for custom production of high value hybrid seed for indian market.

These hybrid seed are produce at company owned farms and contract growers.The company has a very strong country wide farmers network for contract seed production.Seed production is supervised by qualified production staff.The Company has more than 3 decades experience in seed Production.The company has modern seed processing machinery to process all typeof seed.The company has humidity and temperature controlled seed storage facilities to store high value seed after processing until dispatch.

AFPL adopts a total seed quality management involving strict supervision at all stage of production and seed processing.Seed samples are tested in reputed seed testing laboratory and also in Government seed testing laboratory.

Seed Treatments:

Any seed treatments or acid treatment will be taken up as per the instruction of clint.Protocol for such treatment should be provided well in advance.

Stock seed:

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